I’m Teska and was born in the Netherlands. Since 2013 I live in Switzerland. I’m a proud mom of two beautiful children and married to a musician. Being a bit of a tech savvy I needed something to put myself into balance. Working with natural products and having them run through my fingers does exactly that. I’m able to relax, enjoy and experience such happiness.
Treating yourself with something natural, honest and made with love is what we all deserve.

The Wyrd …

was born from a very profound wish to knit with local wool. When I couldn’t find any ready-to-knit yarn with wool from local sheep breeds I started looking into spinning. After that, one thing turned into another.

I fell in love with the different textures and possibilities of these local and sometimes rare sheep breeds, and I wish to share this with you. Join me and dive into this forgotten story of unknown wool suppliers.

Gradually I got more and more into making my own cosmetics. I wanted to use skin care products without chemicals. On my search for local ingredients a whole new world opened up to me. Plants I looked at as unwanted weed turned out to be very valuable additions to my soaps, oils and creams.

Come and discover with me some of what nature has to offer.